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An executive coach, business consultant, speaker, writer and co-host of The Frustrated CEO podcast, he’s been problem-solving and bridge-building to transform individuals, teams and organizations for over 25 years.

Even if he hasn’t met you, Patrick knows one thing for certain — there’s a unique greatness in you just waiting to be set free. By working together to remove the obstacles that keep you from unleashing it, you can harness and share your true potential personally, professionally and as a team.

Patrick’s passion fuels a courageous and honest approach — unleashing your greatness may require hard work and difficult conversations, but he’ll be right alongside you, equally as committed to you as you are to yourself. And sometimes even more.

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Are you in the market for a passionate and engaging expert to speak on your podcast or at your next event? With expertise in strategic execution, strategic planning and alignment, leadership development and high-performance cultures, Patrick brings the unique encouragement you need to unleash your greatness, both individually and as a team.

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