Culture by Design

Our practical application coaching methodology creates a space for you to bring whatever you’re feeling to the table – even those worries keeping you up at night that you usually keep to yourself. Together we’ll unpack and deconstruct those thoughts to identify the root causes, determine possible next steps and identify strategies to execute. This judgement free zone will teach you how to embrace the tools you already have in your toolbox with humble confidence – and never settle for anything less again.

Landscape Assessment

Any successful venture begins with a clear understanding of your starting point. Our work together begins with a data-driven assessment of your organization’s effectiveness to build a strong and cohesive executive team.

We’ll implement consistent systems and processes to support and scale your business, engage and empower your people, and listen and respond to the market. You’ll know exactly where you are today before we take a single step toward the future.

Strategic Alignment

Having a strategic plan isn’t enough to guarantee strategic execution. If it was, why would 70% of companies with a strategic plan admit to failing to execute?

Often, plans are too complicated and lack ownership. But what is most damaging to strategic execution is a lack of alignment. Together, we’ll create a simplified strategic plan with clear accountability and ownership, ensuring strong leadership alignment exists before the plan is communicated to your teams.

Leadership Development

Like anyone, leaders want to succeed at their craft, yet many feel ill-equipped to do so. Often, fantastic individual contributors are elevated to leadership roles without the proper tools, education and support – leaving them feeling lost.

Through executive coaching and leadership team development, we’ll equip key company leaders with the tools and confidence they need to excel in their roles and accelerate strategic execution. We’ll tackle the real-life issues in front of them and uncover the complexities of leadership to raise the bar for the whole company.

Employee Engagement

Strategic execution demands an engaged team pulling together in the same direction. And that doesn’t mean just keeping employees informed about what’s in the strategic plan or how it impacts their work. Strategic execution includes your people in the creation, ownership and execution of the plan by aligning it with their work.

If you want strategic execution, then you need ultimate employee engagement.

Focused Implementation

Once we’ve achieved strategic alignment and employee engagement, it’s time to get to work. This step is where initiatives are implemented, rocks are moved and progress is made toward executing your strategic plan.

Without focused implementation, balls are dropped, frustrations surface and nothing changes for the better. We’ll guide you and your team through focused implementation, and we’ll give you the tools and confidence to maintain the momentum long after we’re gone.

Adjustments & Interventions

We’re with you through the journey of focused implementation to keep you on track, help you overcome the inevitable obstacles that occur and always keep one eye on your ultimate destination so you can course-correct when necessary. Adjustments and interventions keep you on track and always moving forward.

Metrics & Measures

Without metrics and measures, it’s impossible to know if your organization is seeing the necessary results from strategic execution. Throughout our work together, we’ll evaluate success through the KPIs, culture data, financial targets and other agreed upon measurable metrics – so you’ll know without a doubt that you’re executing like never before.


Patsy Feeman

Patsy uses her background in architecture to inform a unique approach for helping leaders identify gaps in organizational and leadership performance. She has over 20 years of experience guiding leaders in industries such as manufacturing, finance and construction toward cultural well-being and growth – supporting them in bringing their best selves to the work they do, every day.

Leb Tannenbaum

An expert in helping organizations scale and grow sustainably, Leb has a passion for simplifying the complexities of leadership. With experience both inside as an executive and outside as a consultant, he’s harnessing his executive development experience to help leaders find their breakthrough moments.

Patrick Lyons

With 25 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Patrick helps leaders and companies unleash their inner greatness. His expertise in strategic planning and execution, leadership development and creating culture by design is the missing piece for getting your team unstuck so you can execute and reach your goals like never before.

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