Randy Mueller

GM and Senior Executive, NFL / XFL

Who better to talk about building winning organizations than life-long NFL Executive Randy Mueller, winner of the 2000 NFL Executive of the Year award with the New Orleans Saints?

Join us as we journey from small-town Idaho to one of the winningest college football programs of all time, and then into multiple NFL front offices to learn what it takes to build winning leaders, teams, organizations, and cultures.


Published: August 17, 2022

Length: 56:53

Episode: 34

Copyright: patrick-lyons.com

Episode Timeline

  • 9:55 Making those around you look good
  • 15:45 Getting everyone to work together
  • 22:08 Honing the criteria for what you're looking for in your staff
  • 28:40 Getting different angles on things
  • 31:27 Creating a great culture