Ranjeeth Thunga

Perspective Mapper

The New Year brings with it all kinds of resolutions, and perhaps no resolution is more important in the workplace than conflict resolution. While most CEOs wish the conflict in their organizations would just go away, conflict is a great sign your people are invested and care about the state of things. You don’t want to eliminate conflict, but you do need to navigate through it the right way. Join us as we welcome perspective mapper Ranjeeth Thunga to the show for a dive deep together into a topic no one loves but everyone needs to know.


Published: January 4, 2023


Episode: 43

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Episode Timeline

  • 6:25 Feeling the conflict
  • 19:20 Keeping your principals
  • 33:33 Rethinking who's a competitor
  • 43:55 Using compassion to get over conflict
  • 49:15 Acknowledging all perspectives