Desh Urs

Founder and CEO, iBridge

According to a recent poll, 83% of CEOs want their organizations to use more data in the decision-making process. But where do you gather it from and how do you separate it from the sea of noise out there? And what role does your gut still play in making strategic decisions?

Join us for our though-provoking discussion with Desh Urs, Founder and CEO of iBridge, a leading global digital transformation company helping organizations collect, store and analyze data to distill the information contained within.


Published: June 1, 2022

Length: 1:15:00

Episode: 29

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Episode Timeline

  • 7:02 Determining what is useful and what is noise
  • 16:22 Spending enough time with the data
  • 32:12 Listening to your customers
  • 43:00 Onboarding new staff
  • 47:46 Business is not just about data but also about people