Theresa Lyons

Founding Partner, Lyons & Associates

When’s the last time you seriously thought about your exit from your business? Not in fantasy, but in a real, intentional, and planful way that sets your target, plots your course, and puts the power back in your hands to leave on your own terms? You know you need to give this more time and energy, more of the attention it deserves.

So grab a pen, a cheap notebook, and your favorite adult beverage for a lively conversation with Terry Lyons, Managing Partner of Lyons & Associates, who shares a four-step plan any CEO can follow to exit their business. Just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Published: April 26, 2022

Length: 1:20:00

Episode: 27

Copyright: patrick-lyons.com

Episode Timeline

  • 7:22 Developing passions outside of your business
  • 22:20 Thinking about your exit
  • 35:35 What are the criteria of your exit
  • 45:10 Preparing the business for your exit
  • 50:55 Understanding metrics that will affect your exit strategy