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Leading yourself first is important work that supports you to effectively and successfully lead others as you direct the organization. It costs you and your organization for you to be constantly “on-the-go.” There is immeasurable value in increasing your capacity to lead by example with clarity and focus … and it gives you vitality and well-being.

In this episode we explore what it costs you and your organization to be in nonstop activity, the benefits to you and those you lead to lead yourself first and how to develop a set of practices for you to radiate your leadership out to others.


Published: March 30, 2021

Length: 32:34

Episode: 03


Episode Timeline

  • 2:44 Leaders impacting culture
  • 9:20 Overextended
  • 16:30 Building self awareness
  • 22:41 Downside of working harder, faster and more
  • 26:49 Prioritizing properly