Mary Ann O'Brien

CEO of OBI Creative

The Road to CEO

In this episode of the Frustrated CEO podcast, we sit down with Mary Ann O’Brien, the visionary founder and CEO of OBI Creative Advertising Agency. We dive deep into Mary Ann’s journey of transforming OBI into a rapidly expanding enterprise and the challenges and triumphs that come with leading such a dynamic organization. Discover her unique “ask and deliver” philosophy, the critical role of nurturing customer relationships, and how her upbringing with an entrepreneurial father shaped her approach to business. Mary Ann also shares her strategies for prioritizing employee well-being and fostering their growth, alongside maintaining a delicate balance between rapid growth and impeccable execution to ensure client satisfaction. This episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for any CEO looking to enhance their leadership skills, cultivate a thriving company culture, communicate effectively, and scale their business with success.


Published: March 13, 2024

Length: 49:49

Episode: 70

Copyright: 2024