Jamie Dixon

Founder, Shaping Paths

Making people do things is far less effective than making them WANT to do things, and great leaders understand this. Leadership is far more about influence than authority, and perhaps the most underutilized influence tool in your toolbox is storytelling.

Check out our engaging conversation with Jamie Dixon, author of The Story Habit, to learn how to shape stories that move people, challenge, connect and relate, and ultimately drive action and change.


Published: October 11, 2022

Length: 1:18:00

Episode: 38

Copyright: patrick-lyons.com

Episode Timeline

  • 10:18 The difference between telling stories and shaping stories
  • 19:55 Using the empathy exercise
  • 36:10 Change is a journey
  • 50:08 Stories in conflict
  • 57:05 Developing that habit of shutting up