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Tea bag philosophy asserts that, as a leader, you will never know how strong a tea bag is until you put it in hot water. The heat of the water tests the strength of a tea bag and brings out its true flavor.

The same is true for us! The strength of our character is tested and released when we find ourselves in “hot water”, “pushed to limit”, “with our backs against the wall” and “at the end of our rope.” Pull out too quickly and brush aside the challenge and you the flavor is weak. Steep in hot water too long and the tea tastes bitter.

Who suffers? The tea drinker, or in this case, the people you lead!


Published: March 23, 2021

Length: 25:52

Episode: 01


Episode Timeline

  • 2:00 A leader pushed to the limit
  • 6:18 The teabag philosophy
  • 11:19 Leaving everyone in hot water
  • 17:27 Balancing work with your personal life
  • 20:37 Dangers of going it alone