Carina Hamel and Robby Ringer

Co-Founders, Bivo

How did two smart young entrepreneurs launch one business, sunset another, start a family, and relocate 3,000 miles from one coast to the other, all during the pandemic without missing a beat? With a plan, that’s how. Join us for Part 1 of an eye-opening interview with Carina Hamel and Robby Ringer, Cofounders of Bivo, to hear how their detailed planning in 2018 guided their decision-making and strategy during one of the most tumultuous periods in history.


Published: April 18, 2023

Length: 40:50

Episode: 49

Copyright: patrick-lyons.com

Episode Timeline

  • 5:01 Creating space for something different
  • 14:14 Working with the right clients
  • 22:50 Does working with your spouse work?
  • 28:00 Learning to understand yourself
  • 31:30 Trusting your gut

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