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A recent Gallup poll survey of 10 million employees in 150 countries suggested at least half of all employees have quietly quit, the insidious act of lowering the bar, doing the bare minimum at work, collecting a paycheck and going home.

Or, as millennials and Gen Z describe it, “the smart decision to put strong boundaries in place to protect mental health and personal time”.

Join us for a timely discussion about what quiet quitting is, how not to fix it, and the absolute-best solution to combat quiet quitting in your organization.


Published: September 27, 2022


Episode: 37

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Episode Timeline

  • 6:20 What causes quite quitting
  • 18:50 Redefining what it means to be an employee
  • 34:50 It's time to get personal
  • 44:08 What happens when you fire the quite quitters
  • 55:00 Creating accountability