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As many as 90% of companies with a strategic plan admit to falling short of fully executing it, and upward of 40% admit to never even starting. We’ve even heard CEOs ask why they should bother having a strategic plan if the odds of executing are so stacked against you.

But before you give up, pull up a chair and grab a pad and pen because we’re here with tips for better strategic execution. We’ll cover what it is, what it isn’t, what’s getting in your way, and what you can do to overcome the obstacles to strategic execution.

Because no one should be in that 90%.


Published: March 1, 2022

Length: 1:09:27

Episode: 23


Episode Timeline

  • 4:44 The rhythm of meetings
  • 16:40 Workforce frustrations
  • 30:44 When change will happen
  • 39:50 Making sure you have the proper resources
  • 50:50 The distinction between alignment and agreement