Carmen Bianco and Loriann Hoffman

CEO, NYC Transit and Culture Strategist, NYC Transit

As CEO of New York City Transit, the busiest people-moving system in the world, Carmen Bianco led 50,000 employees with an annual budget above $10 billion dollars. At the helm during Superstorm Sandy, Carmen and his team brought mass transit back up in record time to assist New York in its recovery. And with the help of Loriann Hoffmann, Carmen transformed New York City transit‘s culture from top to bottom.

Carmen and Loriann join Leb, Patsy and Patrick in this episode of The Frustrated CEO to share stories of struggle and triumph leading one of the most important transportation systems in the world. Grab a bagel or a slice of thin crust and pull up a chair for some good old-fashioned, unfiltered New York wisdom.


Published: August 17, 2021

Length: 1:16:10

Episode: 11


Episode Timeline

  • 13:45 Taking on a big job like NYC Transit
  • 26:10 Foundational leadership qualities
  • 34:40 The importance of consistent communication
  • 44:46 Meeting people where they are
  • 52:28 How to communicate with senior leaders